Welcome to Nature’s Miracle!

At Nature’s Miracle, we’re growers, nurses, chefs, and scientists. Located in South Berwick, Maine, specializing in medical cannabis; we are in charge of the whole process from plant to product.

The Nature’s Miracle of Maine logo includes a woman sitting on a lotus blossom surrounded by 7 chakra illustrations.

A bit about us…

We have always been fascinated by the medical properties of marijuana. Using state-of-the-art methods, we extract the healing components of the plant and infuse them into salves, tinctures, teas, and other products that are all made here, at our facility in South Berwick, Maine.

We carry many different strains, each grown to help people with different symptoms. We carry strains high in CBD with low THC, strains with high THC and low CBD, and everything in between. Our products are for medical cardholders only. But don’t worry, our staff are experts and can help you in the process of becoming a cardholder if you aren’t already.

We create all of our products in house!

With over 20 years of of experience, we understand the only way to guarantee quality is to see the product from seed to shelf. We do everything onsite on our property, from growing the plants, to clipping and drying them, as well as making yummy edibles in our commercial kitchen, and vape cartridges and RSO in our state of the art laboratory.

Check out what we have to offer!

Our products page features all of our home grown products including flower, distilate, cartridges, edibles, salves and sprays, see for yourself!