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Due to COVID, we are limiting the number of in-store customers to 3 mask-wearing occupants at a time. If you would prefer curbside pickup, please call ahead: (207) 752-6694.

Maine Patients

Nature’s Miracle is proud to provide medicinal cannabis to qualified residents of Maine. We are grateful for your business and happy to serve you if you:

  • Are 21 or older
  • Have a valid Maine State ID (Driver’s license or State ID)
  • Proof that you are a Maine medicinal cannabis patient by:
  • Original, tamper-proof Physician’s Certification or
  • DHHS issued Medical Cannabis Program card

These forms of identification must be shown every time you purchase medicine containing THC. Since we are a medicinal marijuana company, you must have a physician’s certification to purchase products.

Come prepared with these forms of ID above! By law, we are not allowed to accept any other form of identification (doctor note, passports, et cetera).

Out of State Patients

If your state currently has a medicinal cannabis program and you are certified by your doctor, you can purchase medicine containing THC while visiting in Maine. In order to purchase medicine from us while you’re here, you must:

  • Be 21 or older
  • Have a state residence certification on tamper proof paper
  • Have a valid state photo ID (Driver’s License or ID Card)

Note: A temporary or expired ID will not be accepted. A passport will not be accepted either as it is a federal document and cannabis use is regulated by individual states.

Note: It is illegal to transport marijuana across state lines, even if both states approve the use of marijuana for medical or recreational purposes.

Don’t Have a Medical Card?

Don’t worry! Come into the store and we can help you through the process of getting a medical card from our vendor. After you get the card, buy an ounce or more of our flower and we will fully reimburse the cost of the card!

Check out what we have to offer!

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